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I created a brand new and totally unique self-improvement methodology. This bespoke and holistic approach utilises all the hard lessons I’ve learned in life, love and health and blends them seamlessly together in order to help anyone fulfil their potential. 

Does it work? Yes!! I am a PSTD sufferer. I went from being a highly-valued father, leader, husband and role model to a broken man on the edge of suicide following a complete break-down of my life.

But I’m not a quitter. I fought through the trauma and unable to find a suitable recovery method, created my own. This centred on 6 key elements

·         Preparation

·         Love and Relationships

·         Money and Finance

·         Health and Fitness

·         Spirituality

·         Career and Life Purpose

This is where my Nomad methodology differs from anything else out there. I saw that others were treating the above areas in isolation which in reality is bound to failure. You must heal all the above in symphony. How do I know? Because I used it on myself and I am in the best place I have ever been.

Armed with this knowledge, I am leading from the front once again. This time though, the battleground has changed and it’s one we all must cross. I wanted to help my brother veterans to get back on their feet but what I soon realised was that the method I’d created was much greater than that. I have tested it and it works for everyone. This book provides all the tools you need to create the life you deserve but we are here for you. You’ll find a member’s area at our site where you can find all the answers you need as well as fresh content and live webinars every week. There’s also the option to book one-on-one consultations with one of the Team Nomad members from wherever you are in the world.


Therefore, do not see me simply as a life coach or mentor, see me as a guide, a leader and an inspiration. Join our revolution in self-improvement!!

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Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

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I spent the years from 2006 – 2016 as an Infantry Officer in the British Army Officer, leading men on Operations in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan twice. I spent a great deal of the time in between these deployments on preparatory exercises in locations from the Falkland Islands to Kenya. It wasn’t a shock when my first wife informed me that out of the six years we’d been together, I’d only actually been present for six months.

During those years, normal life was put on hold although I still managed to have three children, get divorced, re-marry and separate from my second wife. As you can imagine it was a bit of a wild ride. Towards the end it all began to get too much, trying to spin the plates of career, relationships, finance and health. However, it still came as a surprise to everyone when the wheels fell off, and fell off they did. Looking back, it couldn’t have happened more spectacularly. It was like a fire sale, everything had to go. No longer was I the proud army officer or father or husband, I was a very angry alcoholic beast full of rage and hatred.

You can read about that journey in my book, ‘Titanium’ so I won’t go into too much detail here however it’s part of the story so worthy of note. The courts took my children away from me as I was too drunk to look after them, I was barred from entering the camp on which I worked and lived so I ran off to New Zealand. I wouldn’t say I found myself there but I had a taste of normality and the chance to spend time with my brother and his loving family. We decided that we would build a car leasing business together.

Some of you may consider this a strange move considering that we live on opposite sides of the world. However, he has been running a UK based business from thousands of miles away for years and so would become the ultimate tutor for someone who has spent his adult life dealing not in marketing or mergers but bullets and bombs. I knew nothing about digital marketing, finance, or any of the other tools of commerce but what I did bring was a keen analytical mind, excellent communication and leadership experience and a determination to succeed. So I had a new focus for the future, a goal.

Now I had to work out how to get there. I spent the next year juggling a business masterclass and hardcore therapy. By the way, the answers to 90% of my questions to my brother were six letters – ‘Google’. He wasn’t going to give me this on a plate. So I learned, studied, figured things out, made do with what I had, all good British Army traits. Then there was the therapy. To be honest, I didn’t really make much progress until I met one lady in the latter stages of my recovery who helped me understand the linkages between childhood memories and trauma, but more of that later. As I was mostly underwhelmed by the recovery efforts and still binge drinking, I decided that if I was going to beat this rather than just becoming another statistic, I needed to create my own method.

So, over the following 18 months, I tested, adjusted, learned, improved, slipped but never gave up. I visualised having six areas of my life that I needed to improve and so even though I slipped periodically, I knew I was making progress. In the end, I had two obstacles to cross, alcohol and my relationships. I couldn’t work out how to improve either, so after much deliberation, I let both go. In an instant, I realised my journey was over, I’d made it through to the other side of the valley of death. I’d systematically dealt with every aspect of my life, not in isolation but as a whole and it worked. I have genuinely never been more at peace with myself, more happy with life or more excited for the future.

Let me give you the tools to do it too. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what your background is, this book will allow you to live the life you want to live. It won’t be easy but I’m here for you and you are strong enough to do this. Any questions you have, email me at or go to my site



3 Steps 2 Freedom

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