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Welcome to UNSW Computing 1 for 2014.  Bigger, excitinger, redder than ever. 


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The Team

Richard Buckland       9538 kudos

I have a dog called B for Bertie (aka Bertram Woofster). He likes bones. I am not a number - I am a free man. ---- Richard is an Associate Professor in Computer...

Andrew Bennett       3211 kudos

tl;dr: generally friendly humanoid creature with rainbow hair. has been around forever and will probably continue to do so. I'm not ac...

salil kanhere       824 kudos

I am teaching COMP1917 in 15s1. Looking forward to it !!...

Mei Cheng Whale       410 kudos

I am first year course administrator half the time and the other half of the time I work for the computing system Group  @CSE providing teaching support to othe...

Bernice Chen       224 kudos

Hello World. My name is Bernice, currently studying a degree of Bachelor of Computer Science at UNSW. I am a tutor for COMP1917 and HS1917.   My passion I'm a b...

Julian Saknussemm       73 kudos

my digit is 4 the first clue: hiflb vyoor dvifh zvigv sgwmz mlrgf olhvs gwmzw vozve vivyo ordoo zwvmr ynlxh roozm vsdmv sgwmz htmrs gwmru lgwmz hvxzo kltlg hvwr...

Sarah Bennett       0 kudos

Hi, I'm Andy's sister. You're probably looking for his page. It's over this way....

The Community

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