Services Marketing - The Next Level

Do you want to develop tradeable knowledge and strategic thinking to advance or change your career? Do you want to improve your business bottom line? Do you need to do your own marketing? Whatever your reason, this course is designed to take your services marketing knowledge to the next level.

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About the Course

In this course you'll go through a variety of fun activities, learn new things and socialise with new friends.

You'll learn loads of great things, including:

  • Developing an Integrated Services Marketing Communications (IMC) plan
  • Special challenges for marketing services
  • Positioning services in competitive markets
  • People issues - Customers' and employees' roles in delivering services
  • Designing an effective customer service organisation

There is an optional textbook available as a downloadable file and online flipbook. Whilst most textbooks are expensive and contain lots of theory as opposed to application - Services Marketing Experience It contains strategies and examples to help businesses of any size. It covers the topics of this course as well as The Next Level and presents additional examples and ideas than discussed throughout the courses. Great value at only 9.99. Read more...


About the instructor: Betina Crooks

  • M.B.A.
  • B.A. Management & Marketing
  • M.Ed Exercise Physiology
  • Entrepreneur & Business Owner
  • 15+ years experience in: customer service,  management, leadership and marketing
  • Expert in Services Marketing
  • Lecturer at UNSW Australian School of Business (ASB)
  • Award winning Tutor (ASB)

Course Outline:

Week 1 - Developing Services IMC

  1. Positioning
  2. Special Challenges in Services Marketing
  3. General Guidelines for Services Marketing
  4. Quiz and activities

Week 2 - Customer Experience Management

  1. People Issues – Managing Employees
  2. HR Management – How to Get it Right
  3. Designing an Effective Customer Service Organisation
  4. Quiz and activities

Week 3 - Managing Customers

  1. Customer Participation
  2. Customer Waits and Queue Management
  3. Introduction into CRM
  4. Quiz and activities


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