Achieve greater performance within every organization by learning the essential skills necessary to define goals, generate and execute better ideas and empower teams to become more effective intrapreneurs. These innovation skills will increase efficiency and value, make organizations a better place to work, and help you become a more successful manager. This comprehensive course draws on best practice within leading organizations and presents an easy to follow 'step by step' approach to delivering change and innovation. When you have completed this course you can immediately apply everything that you have learned within any organization.

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Few topics have exercised the minds of managers as much as change and innovation. Yet for many managers, it continues to remain a mystery. The application of innovation in specific organizations, departments or teams  remains difficult to understand and stubbornly difficult to apply. Despite the many books and articles published on innovation, managers continue to face the same persistent question:

How can innovation be applied in my group or organization?

There is a new urgency around why organizations need to understand and apply innovation. In a global economy there are great opportunities if organizations can anticipate the needs of customers and introduce new products, processes and services that meet these needs. On the other hand, if organizations do not innovate, then there are many competitors who will.

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