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This MOOC course will drive you all to explore the different styles of Food and Beverage around the World. Within this short space you will acquire the knowledge of differentiating the food and beverage operations and various types of service offered in the Hotel industry. 

This course is targeted to secondary school levers however anyone can register into this course and participate in the activities.

Learners are expected to review the lesson in form of video/pdf/ppt slides and participate in the course activities in form of forum, practice or quiz in order to receive the certificate of completion.

If you have pre-registered before the start date, you will be able to see the content, but you can't click to view any of the content until the start date.



The Team

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I am an instructional designer and an e-content developer with experience both in corporate and education sectors. My passion is building elearning courseware a...

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An e-Learning Development Specialist from Taylor’s University.  His interest in educational technology and Learning Design has led him to a number of project li...

sengyue       2 kudos

Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

Leong Hong Mun       1 kudos

After working in various education institutions for 10 years, I have developed deep understanding of needs and expectations on multimedia and designs. I have al...

Kandappan Balasubramanian       0 kudos

Position: Lecturer, School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts, Taylor's University, Malaysia Qualification:  B.Sc., MBA., MHRM (Ph.D) My Area of Research:...

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More Information

Welcome you all to the MOOC course on "Wonderful styles of Food & Beverage  around the World"


Pre-requisite: None.  

This course will grab the attention of people, who have interest to gain knowledge on Food & Beverage around the World and you all are most welcomed to join the course at "Free of cost"


About the Course:

Course Learning Outcome: At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

1. Know the different types of restauarnt around the World.

2. Differentiate the restuarant based on service offered and facilities.

3. Identification of scope for restaurant based on location, people and other related aspects.

4.  Design a restaurant based on your own concept and idea.


Course Duration: 4 Weeks


Assessment and certificate:  This course is fully designed with various online assessment components such as Quiz, discuss forum, video/ppt presentation submission, etc.,  The certificate will be issued to the students with full completion of all assessment components only.


The Lecturer:  This course will be led by Kandappan Balasubramanian. He is a Food & Beverage Lecturer obtained his Bachelor Degree from Bharathiar University, India and his master programs one from Bharathiar University and another one from Pondicherry University, India. He is an Educationalist, Researcher, Outdoor educator and e-learning initiator. His current key responsibilties at School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts at Taylor's University, Malaysia also includes the e-learning initiatives, use of tablets and smart phone devices in teaching-learning practices and collaborative learning environment.


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