This is a self-paced MOOC and it will cover everything about Wine. In this 14 episodes course, students will learn about plant source, understanding the wine label, food matching and many more.

These MOOC is designed for students who need a more flexible approach to learn mandarin than that offered in a standard classroom setting.

By the end of this course, you will be well armed to go into any wine store or restaurant and confidently select the beverage that you want.

Mr. Reuben Suresh Arthur is the owner of this MOOC. He is a specialist in oenology (the study of wines). In fact, he is only one of two certified trainers in Malaysia allowed to conduct the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) UK programmes. He is also an expert in all aspects of restaurant management, which includes customer service, menu planning, dining etiquette and food preparation. 

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Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

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The MOOC Structure


Episode 1 – Alcoholic Beverages (The Big Picture)

·         Plant source (fruit, grains and other parts)

·         Fermented beverages vs Distilled beverages


Episode 2 – What is wine?

·         Fruit wine vs wine


Episode 3 – The 4 different types of wines

·         Still wine / table wine / wine

·         Sparkling wine

·         Fortified wine

·         Aromatized wine


Episode 4 – Old World wines vs New World wines

·         6 major New World wines

·         5 Major Old World wines

·         Difference in wine style between the two


Episode 5 – Factors that affect the taste and quality of wine - The Grape Variety

·         Vitis Vinifera

·         Noble grapes

·         Major white grape varieties

·         Major red grape varieties

·         Other interesting grape varieties


Episode 6 - Factors that affect the taste and quality of wine - The concept of soil or terroir

·         Some famous regions and sub regions


Episode 7 - Factors that affect the taste and quality of wine - Viticulture


Episode 8 - Factors that affect the taste and quality of wine - Vinification


Episode 9 - Factors that affect the taste and quality of wine - Weather & Climate

·         What is vintage wine?


Episode 10 - Factors that affect the taste and quality of wine - Aging wine

·         Are all wines aged?

·         What does aging do to wines?

·         Where is aging done?


Episode 11 – Reading a wine label

·         New World vs Old World wine labels


Episode 12 – Storing, opening and serving wine


Episode 13 – Wine and Food matching


Episode 14 – Alcohol and You

·         Are there and benefits to drinking wine / alcohol

·         How does alcohol enter your body and what does it do to your body

·         What are the long and short term effects of alcohol on you.


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