Create a great online course in minutes.

Delight your students with a fun, effective and social learning experience.

"I found Open Learning to be a wonderful platform to develop and deploy amazing courses. The tools are intuitive, easy to use and encourage collaboration between students."

Prof. Mushtak Al-Atabi
Dean of Engineering, Taylor's University.

The easiest way to setup an online course.

You don't need technical experience or a huge budget to create fun and engaging online courses for your students or staff.

Create a basic course in less than a minute and then progressively add content with a simple drag-and-drop interface to organise your content, modules, and activities.

Customise the look and feel of a course, including custom banners, backgrounds, and navigation. Promote your brand by creating a consistent aesthetic across your course.

Whether you have 8 students or 8,000, OpenLearning has the scale, experience and flexibility to enable you to create and run an incredible course for students worldwide.

Engage & collaborate with communities in every course.

Every learning management system talks about forums and collaboration but only OpenLearning can help you create a community.

Designed by leading educators and engineers, OpenLearning seamlessly integrates private instant messaging, ubiquitous commenting (comment directly on content), blogging and gamification (including badges and progress tracking) to create an interactive learning experience for your students or staff.

By combining the power of Wikis for collaboration and knowledge sharing with the familiarity, community and team building of social networking, the OpenLearning Platform is able to improve learning outcomes, reduce the cost of teaching and build a lasting relationships with students.

Deliver all kinds of content, engage in every possible way.

Students can form groups, create and share all types of content, receive immediate feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Integrated karma point system (gamification)

Instant notifications for all activity and interaction.

Wiki makes it easy to create, edit, and vote on content.

Immediate feedback with a motivational progress bar.

Teachers can create and issue badges to students, or automatically distribute badges based on specific metrics.

Options of self-paced and blended learning courses.

Upload files, images, presentations and more! Include videos from YouTube, BrightCove, and Vimeo, and embed content from SlideShare, Google Docs, Maps, Twitter, DailyMotion, and more.

Create a course once, run it multiple times.

Every course can have multiple classes. Each class can have different students and dates; students in one class never see studens in another class.

Have you ever wanted to run the same course multiple times? In OpenLearning, you can run multiple classes at the same time with different students. Each class can have it's own security and privacy settings, including:

Public, free class for anyone in the world

Charge students a fee to join the class

Restrict access with an activation code

Restrict access by email address (upload your students' details)

We're flexible, so you don't have to be.

Every company and teacher has their own style. OpenLearning is flexible, customisable and extendable to support your course.

Universities, school and colleges

Small to medium sized companies

Franchise, franchisee and employee training

Certified professional development

Industry associations

Corporate MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Independent instructors with paid online courses

Blended learning and entirely online learning

Easy access to data & analytics keeps you informed.

You don't have to be everywhere to know everything. Easily access a bird's eye view of your courses through to detailed stats on a student.

OpenLearning automatically collects metrics and data on your courses, including how students are progressing and where they are getting stuck. You can easily access this information and make decisions on how to change the course or help individual students.

Discover everything about your course, from which content was the most popular to which students engaged the most with the rest of the class; OpenLearnign will keep you informed.

Need to do more? You can easily export the data from your courses to Excel/CSV to sort and graph it on your computer.

Delightful for instructors & students worldwide.

"I found Open Learning to be a wonderful platform to develop and deploy amazing courses. The tools are intuitive, easy to use and encourage collaboration between students. The support team is awesome, they are very helpful and always there to support in a true partnership spirit."

"It was extremely easy to set up my courses and I am able to update them each time they run without having to upload all of the material again. The administration staff at Openlearning are fantastic - they are experts at what they do and always answer my questions in a timely manner."

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Create a class that is open and accessible to anyone in the world for FREE. If you're spreading quality education then we're thrilled to help you.



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Create your courses and only pay when a student joins one of your private courses. Perfect for teachers and instructors who sell their courses. As always, public classes are free.