Teach the way your students want to learn

Many of us go through university, vocational education, or professional development courses and fail to learn to our full potential.


Because these learning environments typically focus on content delivery.

The lecturer delivers information and the student passively receives it (or they fall asleep). This leaves students unengaged, uninspired and unmotivated, because they are barely involved in their own learning!

OpenLearning is different.

We understand that for students to learn deeply, they need to be active, engaged, inspired, involved. They need to interact with their peers, connect dots between new and current knowledge and they need to have fun in the process!

We promote dynamic communication through fun and interactive learning communities, where students can:

discuss and reflect on their experiences

share relevant and meaningful media

connect with their peers

in a safe and positive learning space.

We are both the Learning Environment and the Student Hangout.

Traditional education providers view these as separate spaces; we see them as the same thing.

Students love doing courses through our platform, because we speak in their language.
Teachers love running courses through our platform, because students are engaged, intrinsically motivated and productive.

If this is what you want for your learning community, we can help you get started here.

Alternatively, dive straight in.
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