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This little course is for the people who are wanting to learn a little bit of the French Language. In this course, we look at basic subjects and we analyze them. Topics that are covered in here are some of the basic terms: Greetings, Colours, Numbers, Alphabet, Family, Days, Months, Seasons. There may also be some other extra topics as well. Although, I may create that in a different course. So again, this course teaches you the basics of French. We do not get into much detail about writing paragraphs and all that other fun stuff. We look at vocabulary mostly. We will write sentences as we go along in the course. This is a fun course for all ages. Enrol today!​ Contact the instructor for any questions or concerns. Hope to see you in the class! Please be aware that in order for you to be enrolled in the course, you have to participate by doing your work. If you do not do your work, you may be asked to leave, so someone else can come in and fill the spot. This is a course where you do lots of fun assignments, but in order to do those assignments, you have to get through the first few modules. 

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Hello everyone. I am an instructor from Canada! I have been teaching basic elementary French for a few years now. Currently, I am going to college to get a Degr...

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Here is a little list of topics that is covered in this course:

- Greetings
​- Directions
​- Colours
- ​Alphabet
- Days/Months/Seasons

And much more!

Another thing that comes with the course is a Certificate of Completion. If you complete each module in this course and receive a specific passing average, you will be eligable for a certificate which I will give you at the end of the course. You can also receive a copy of a report card for this course upon request. 


**By the way, IT'S FREE to join!

Please Note: If you do enroll in the course, please actually participate with the lessons and assignments, otherwise I will just remove you! I do not need any people in this course who join, and then decide not to do anything (or not be in the course anymore). If you didn't want to be in the course, why join in the first place!

Status: Closed

Duration: 7 Weeks