Learn how to design and teach an amazing course that your students will love!

Want to engage your students? Motivate them? Keen to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences that really connect?

In this course, you'll do just that: you'll learn how to use the OpenLearning platform to design and teach your own uber-fantastically-awesome course. Plus you'll get the experience of being a student in a fun and engaged learning community, before pioneering your own as a teacher.

This course is taught by Brooke, OpenLearning's very Chief Learning Officer.

(This isn't a picture of Brooke. But it is an indication of how you'll be feeling doing this course.)

The Team

Brooke Hahn       659 kudos

Hey everyone! I'm the Chief Learning Officer at OpenLearning and I've been part of this fantastic platform for 4 years. I've been in education since 2009 and ha...

Fadzree       34 kudos

Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

The Community

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The Course Outline:

You'll go through each of the modules at your own pace (self-paced!), with loads of support and fun along the way.

Introduction: Hallo and Hi and Welcome!

Module 1: Course Outcomes (or: What do I want da peeps to learn?)

Module 2: Creating Meaningful Modules (or: What's my structure and flow?)

Module 3: Course Media (or: How to flesh out the modules with relevant stuff)

Module 4: Designing Awesome Activities (or: Designing awesome activities. Because CLEAR.)

Module 5: Extra Bits and Bobs (or: A bunch of additional tools to maximise the awesome)

Module 6: Managing Your Community (or: How to create a connected learning space that your students want to hang out in)

Final: Wrap Up & High Fives (or: 'Tis the end of the course! Huzzah!!!)

How to teach an awesome course on OpenLearning

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