Mindful Emotion Coaching

'working with schools and communities to develop resilience and mental wellbeing'

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Mindful Emotion Coaching is about building emotional resilience and mental wellbeing by enabling conversations about emotions behind behaviours and building understanding of the neuroscience of brain development, human interactions and mindful awareness. Some people would say we are working with the neurobiological, emotional and social aspects of human interactions, others might use the term interpersonal neurobiology.

The Team

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Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

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Doctor Sarah Temple is a GP with a special interest in neurodevelopment, emotional and mental health. She has  more than 25 years experience working with childr...

The Community

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More Information

Relationships are key - the brain as a social organ


We look closely at the work of Dan Siegel and John Gottman and focus on the ‘how to’ of developing emotion resilience.

We look at how to manage our own emotions when young people are struggling to regulate theirs. We identify the core human emotions and how the brain reacts when we find ourselves in danger of ‘flipping our lids’.

We look at the 5 practical steps of Emotion Coaching and how to apply these in everyday situations.


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Module One: Introducing the concept of Core Human Emotions, The Hand Model and Mindful Exercises

Module Two: Seeing the brain as a social organ dependent for normal dvelopment on relationships

Module Three: John Gottman and the Five Steps of Emotion Coaching

Module Four: Cascading with our on line resources

Module Five: Evaluation


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Mindful Emotion Coaching

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