This course has been prepared for the NSW Branch of the Australian Psychological Society, College of Forensic Psychologists. 

It is self-study and self-documenting. The presentations are discussion triggers rather than providing all the answers to quiz questions. Supplementary resources are a podcast series of 34 .mp3 files at   These audio files will form the soundtrack for movie versions in 2015.

It is open to the general public. Because accreditation in professional psychology is heavily-governed by law in some jurisdictions this course is not marked or proctored, so is regarded purely as public interest and self-study. Any comments made by the course providers are purely for the purposes of clarification and furthering discussion.

The international firm, Accredible, has generously offered its documentation services to those who wish to present their progress with these resources to their respective local accrediting and registration authorities for professional development purposes, 

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The movie 'Neuropsychology in 10 Minutes' is intended for the common requirement for a brief overview. The associated Activity quiz questions require research as the answers are not entirely contained in the movie. Most of the material can be found in the classic textbooks of clinical neuropsychology and even online. Some of it, however, such as triangulation will not likely be found there and will require some lateral investigation as these are terms used in other sciences that can be applied to neuropsychology. 

Supplementary materials have been uploaded as .mp3 files at There are 34 files in the series, adding up to around 2 hours of audio. They are intended to form the soundtrack for video versions in 2015 but have been posted as audio files in the meantime. Audio podcasts are difficult to follow without the video but are useful for anyone wanting to listen to material while doing some activity that requires their visual attention.

Because this is a self-study, self-certifying course, references and 'model answers' have not been provided. That is left to the participant to do as part of their activity and are entirely their responsibility. Depending on enrolments, negotiation, and feedback further materials such as references, apps, spreadsheets etc may eventually be provided.


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