Brush stroke here, brush stroke there, dollops of paints everywhere… 

Excited to paint but don’t know where to start? Stick around and read along. Because we know you can become an artist painting stunning landscapes. Yes, you can! 

Painting is little like driving. Before you hit the road, you study traffic rules, you choose your new four-wheel buddy and drive. The more you drive, the better you go! Practice makes the perfect driver and also the perfect painter.


In this course, you have the unique opportunity to learn with Len Hend, a Master Painter with a lifetime experience. Len has thousands of followers all over the world who have learnt to paint like pros.


Learn to Paint with Len Hend will prepare you for the real thing… He will teach you about oil and acrylic paints, art materials, how to set up a cozy place to paint and  how to develop your ability to think like an artist. In this course, you will awaken your inner artist. You will start with basic brush strokes and finish with your very own painting hanging on the wall. Exciting, right?

Len will accompany you throughout this wonderful journey; you will find answers to your questions and plenty of valuable experience and know-how shared by Len and other students.


Join the course today and Learn to paint with Len Hend. See ya soon ;)




The Team

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Hi my name is Len Hend - I live at Mullumbimby NSW Australia and I also live at Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand - in Australia I potter around my small acreage...

The Community

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Welcome to the course!

More Information


Course "Learn to paint with Len Hend" is free, is for everyone and you will learn to paint your own beautiful painting.

All you need is place, time, your own materials and clear mind!

Len Hend created the course to teach you to paint using oil and acrylic paints from the basics to more advanced paintings. Already excited? Even more! 

Students with hearing difficulties are more than welcome to join too. Each video or audio file has a transcript which you can read along the video.

Non-English speaking students. English is not a limitation in this course. What do you need to do? Just copy the transcript and paste it into your favourite translator. 

Interactive learning & supportive community. You're not alone. The community of learners is here to support you, to encourage you, to share ideas and experiences with you. So you will never feel alone while going through the course.

Course is self-paced. You learn within the comfort of your home and time.



You will learn to think like an artist, to use the wide range of art materials, and of course, you will acquire painting skills taught by Len Hend.  



Module 1: Introduction And Getting Started. In this module, you will be introduced to the course with some important messages about setting up. There is a short list of things you might need plus there is an audio lesson to start you thinking like an artist. You also have a great chance to get to know each other and build the unique community of art learners. 

Module 2: Complete Lists And Facts About Materials. This is your complete list of paints and brushes plus information on buying and preparing your materials. Here, you will learn the facts about art supplies and the easy way to prepare your paints and canvas so you will progress through the lessons without any difficulties. 

Module 3: Monochrome Painting. This is the most essential part of learning the skills. You will learn the importance of tones without trying to configure and becoming confused with the endless assortment of colors. You will amaze yourself with how easy you can paint a three dimensional picture in one color and white.

Module 4: Painting In Color.  With your newly acquired skills you will now add a few colors to your paintings. Step by step, your paintings become alive as we experiment and learn about colors, contrast and tones of colors.

Module 5: Let's Have a Break For Some Study. As said before, thinking like an artist is essential. In this module, you will learn to see the world as an artist, you will explore the perspective, arrangements, and the subject that will take your paintings into the professional category - correct tones of colors.

Module 6: Advanced Painting Techniques. You  have made a great effort throughout the course. In this module, you will demonstrate your skills and knowledge with an exciting range of landscape paintings for you to proudly sign and hang. Also, if you have absorbed the lessons fully you will have the knowledge to help others improve their landscape paintings.

Learn to Paint With Len Hend

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