Your chances of success in English at school and/or university can be enhanced by an understanding of the technical terminology used for literary criticism. This course forms the equivalent of an intensive holiday coaching programme, and is available online at  all  times.  

Who should do this course?

Year 11 students preparing for Year 12 (final year of High School).

Year 12 students looking for higher academic scores.

First year university students wanting to improve English literature grades.

English Second Language or English Foriegn Language students wondering whether they would be comfortable in mainstream English courses.

Interested persons who enjoy reading poetry!




Course outcomes:

By the end of this course students will be able to:

1)      Respond to poetry by describing the thoughts and feelings contemplating a poem inspires in them.

2)      Discuss features of a poem using the technical language of literary criticism

3)      Read, analyse and respond briefly to a number of poems from a suggested list. 

4)      Organise, construct and write a short poetry review essay.


The Team

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More Information

The final activity: submit a half to three quarter page (300-400 word) review on an individual poem.

(A series of such reviews could be collected together and submitted at school as an essay or portfolio suitable for Year 12 SACE or First Year University work).

Course modules will be based on the elements of poetry criticism.

Your school subjects may promise that you do not need to know academic terminology and high literature… but when exams are marked, it is likely that markers do know these terms and forms of literature and you will gain valuable marks by being able to use them yourself!





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