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Primary Education Consultant Jill Creighton will give you all of the knowledge you need to teach grammar effectively. As someone as passionate about teaching as learning, she will give you lots of ideas to liven up and enthuse even the most reluctant of learners. Get rid of the worksheets, and get ready for active activities that will transform your teaching.




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I have been a teacher for 8 years in the UK. Deciding to fight against the cold, I moved from Scotland to the warmer climes of England and have even ended up bu...

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Why pay for training you don't need? Jill Creighton offers bespoke training to schools, which is now available as online courses. Each course forms part of the subject training offered- but this way, you only need to study the concepts you feel unsure teaching. Seasoned pro? Then find new and interactive ways of teaching.

Start by reflecting on your current practice with easy-to-use documents suitable for all levels of learners. Each module focuses on a different part of speech, and gives you ways to ditch the worksheets and use class texts and resources more effectively.

Primary English: teaching parts of speech

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