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This First Degree will provide an introduction to the wonderful healing technique of Reiki as developed by the original master Dr Mikao Usui over 200 years ago. 

The course will also cover the various hand positions used in a self healing session, pregnant clients, children and animals.

You will need an active YouTube account to access the video material and will need to contact the course administrator to gain access to these. Attunement for Level One also requires confirmation by the course administrator.

The Team

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Important Note to the Reader/Student


The purpose of this couse is to give the reader a step by step guide to the teachings and disciplines associated with First Degree Usui Reiki. We have purposely kept the information concise so the reader can quickly and easily understand and apply Reiki.


Wherever possible we have avoided adding personal beliefs that may differ from the traditional teachings of Dr Mikao Usui. The knowledge and information contained in this book is based on the original Shiki Ryoho Method of Healing developed by Dr Usui over two hundred years ago.


If you desire to use the teachings contain within this course to heal yourself and others you must first have received the necessary attunements from a Reiki Master either in person or via distant attunement. Please contact the course administrator to arrange this after you have completed the course.

Introduction to Reiki / Level One

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Price: $150