The ribbon embroidery course is designed to appeal to the beginner as well as the more advanced embroiderer, this course will become an essential reference for anyone stitching with ribbon. I will provide practical advice on the materials required and important techniques. Features comprehensive step-by-step instructions for over 60 ribbon embroidery stitches. Includes patterns for inspire you, from the simplest single flower to the most enchanting ribbon flowers.

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Ribbon embroidery as a creative needle art requires patience and practice, but most designs are worked quickly, and the results are stunning. It has been used throughout the centuries, but like most forms of embroidery its popularity goes through phases.  Many of today's designs are based on traditional and floral themes, but contemporary designers have also adopted ribbon embroidery. The results are inspiring, and it can be seen combined with beading, freestyle embroidery, charms, metallic threads, quilting, hand-dyeing, painting, ribbon burning and applique. 

For the beginner and experienced stitcher alike, this course provides the tips and techniques required to create personalized needle art. One of the problems ribbon enthusiasts face is the lack of information on where and how to find embroidery supplies and professional instruction. You may ask where to get the materials and who are the suppliers. I will provide the information if required. 

Welcome to the exciting and sensuous world of ribbon embroidery. I hope that you will also discover the beauty and pleasure this luxurious needle art has to offer. I hope you will be active with some

activities that I will give during the course. You may ask any question about ribbon embroidery either in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

The course outline:

Module 1: Ribbon Tools

Module 2: Threading Ribbon

Module 3: Straight Stich

Module 4: French Knot

Module 5: Loop Stich

Module 6: Stitch Stalk

Module 7: Blossom Rose

Module 8: Ribbon Stitch

Module 9: Peony Rose

Module 10: Running Stitch Rose

Module 11: Rose Buds

Ribbon Embroidery

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