Romance is one of the fastest-growing sectors of book publishing, in both traditional books and e-versions. The biggest-selling book of all time is a romance. Regular readers worldwide consume several romance books weekly, so there is constant demand. Romance has expanded to mix with other genres such as crime, sci-fi or paranormal and new markets are emerging, so that there is ample scope for your creative writing.

This course encourages a strategic approach to romance writing for the beginning or aspiring romance writer. You will learn about the market and gain practice in focussing your writing towards what readers and importantly publishers are seeking.


Experience from judging writing contests, publishers’ guidelines and feedback, and readers’ reviews is synthesised for you so that you can save countless hours fine-tuning, bringing ultimate success that much closer.  

The Team

Tom Benjamin       196 kudos

I'm a researcher in Australia. I have a long history with the University of New South Wales, having begun my career in its teaching hospitals as a clinical psyc...

Margaret Penhall-Jones       0 kudos

As a romance writing contest judge I’ve seen it all; the good, the bad, and the misguided. I want to share with you what I have learned from that experience and...

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Margaret Penhall-Jones

Hi and welcome to this course designed to start beginning and aspiring romance writers off on your romance writing journey. Writing romance is a rewarding and hopefully enjoyable experience. Watch the videos for information about the romance genre, check your understanding and participate in the vibrant online community to tap into the full potential of this course and to develop and channel your creativity. 

Dr Tom Benjamin


Hi – As Margaret’s husband/movie-maker and regular contributor to OpenLearning I’m proud to be part of this course. My background as a demographer, economist and psychologist gives me an appreciation of Margaret’s strategic approach. I hope the movies, distilled from famous stars in classic romance roles, help flesh out and reinforce that the concepts Margaret is sharing with you are well-established. This is as close as you can get to a ‘secret formula’ for publishing success.


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