UNSW in proud partnership with the CBA are releasing a sequence of public courses in cyber security, under the banner of the SecEDU  'Security Engineering Capability' program.  

The first course started in 2016.

Register here to participate.  Everyone welcome. Just bring your wits, cunning, and passion.  And keep your eyes peeled for the McGuffin.

Some courses will requre C programming familiarity, others require no specific background and are suitable for those wishing to increase their understanding of cyber security.  All courses require strong analytical capabilities.

These courses are largely the same as the famous UNSW University Cyber Security courses - you are welcome to learn from them and join in the community.  You won't get official UNSW credit for them (unless you formally enrol as a UNSW student, and sit the exams etc) but you are *very* welcome to learn here for free.

SEC.EDU is a proud partnership between UNSW and Commonwealth Bank.



The Team

Richard Buckland       10570 kudos

Richard is the Director of First Year Experience at UNSW and Professor in security engineering and cyber security.  Richard has a love of teaching and a deep fa...

Andrew Bennett       3689 kudos

tl;dr: andrew.bennett@unsw.edu.au. generally friendly humanoid creature with rainbow hair. has been around forever and will probably continue to do so. I'm not...

Jordan Brown       2118 kudos

Welcome Weary Traveler! Jordan enjoys Skateboards, Cheese Eating, Kite Fishing and writing things about himself in 3rd Person ;)...

Curtis Millar       549 kudos

Where there's a will, there's probably a way I can program a solution to this. A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal working...

Tom Craven       529 kudos

This is my second time tutoring Security Engineering, I graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science from UNSW last semester. This semester I am working out of...

Brendan Hopper       42 kudos

I teach COMP9447 - the Security Engineering workshop - which for several years has spawned the next generation of Australia's security talent and brought previo...

Brett Winterford       34 kudos

I'm helping out with the new Security Engineering courses being introduced from 2016. Super excited to be learning with y'all....

Roland Wen       28 kudos

Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

The Community

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