Did you know that you can improve your health and happiness with just a few minutes each day?


This free course explores the importance of taking care of your health and mentality, with some easy practices you can do right from your desk at work.

It explores the perfect human body blueprint, how to assess and improve your own posture, and delves into ways to create a happy and healthy life.

The course also explores the benefits of our Desk Break and Mind Free Meditation apps and online courses, and what's more, you will receive Day 1 of the Desk Break program, free!


Join now and learn the secrets of creating a happy and healthy life.

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The True Health Institute proudly brings you programs to improve your health and happiness. We offer courses as well as apps such as Desk Break and Mind Free Me...

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 Course topics


- How to live a happy and healthy life

- Blueprint for the perfect human body

- The secrets of human health

- Desk Break overview, benefits and Day 1 free!

- Mind Free Meditation overview, benefits and freebie!

- A sneak peek at Taichi and more information about our upcoming courses, apps and programs


 Course duration


The course should take approx 1-2 hours to complete at your own pace.

The Secrets of Human Health

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