Welcome to the first official Nano Open Online Course (NOOC) exploring Super Memory (101)! In this NOOC, you will discover the essentials needed to significantly enhance your ability to remember (encode), store and recall whatever you want to learn. By improving your memory, you will have more time to reflect, apply what you have learned and innovate new things, which is what today’s innovation economy demands from us. 

The Team

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Principal Lead (e-Learning & Innovation) and Fellow of the Centre for Medical Education at the International Medical University (IMU). Most known beyond IMU for...

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Zaki Samsudin is currently Senior Lecturer and Academic Department Head at the Department of General Studies, KDU University College. He obtained his Bachelor’s...

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It will be fun too, while you unlock your super memory. You will not only improve your memory, you will also nurture your imagination and creativity in the process!  Are you up for the challenge? 

Super Memory 101

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