In Successful Remote Working Skills and Practices, we take a step back and look at why successful long term remote workers work the way that they do.

Based on experience from over 20 years of partial telecommuting and full time working from home, this course shares what has repeatedly worked for employers, clients and remote workers. The course includes:

- Skills and practices required for successful telecommuters.

- Tips and tricks for setting yourself up for and finding professional remote work.

- Techniques to avoid and resolve some common problems faced when working remotely.

So if you're thinking of working remotely for the first time or you're already working remotely and looking to improve your working practices, this course is for you.

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More Information

The content of this course has been drawn from real life experience within the Information Technology sector, using skills and practices which have been repeatedly acknowledged as valuable by employers and clients and is applicable to all home workers, telecommuters and remote workers.


After taking this course, you will be able to:

- Understand skills and practices required for successful and sustainable day to day remote working,

- Determine how to put into practice tips and tricks for setting up for and finding professional remote work​, and

​- Know how to avoid and resolve some common problems faced by remote workers


Who should take this course:

​- Anyone planning to work at home or remotely for the first time, or

​- Anyone already working remotely and wanting to improve their working practices



This course shares information that has repeatedly proven valuable, but there are many factors outside of Inviting Futures' control in implementing the practices and tips and tricks. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to determine how best to utilise the information contained in this course, and that it may not be complete, accurate or suitable for specific situations. Inviting Futures Inc will not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising as a result.

Successful Remote Working Skills and Practices

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