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Are you an English to Portuguese translator or a translation student? If so, this course is definitely for you!

This course is designed to offer you an interactive platform where you can practice English to Portuguese translation through engaging and fun activities. As you go along, you will learn useful translation techniques within a theoretical framework of transfer of meaning.  The course is divided into 20 modules, each dealing with a topic of relevance. Topics are presented from easiest to most difficult. They include: literal translation, literalness errors, grammar accuracy, text cohesion, linguistic registers, mechanics (punctuation, capitalization, diacritical marks), false cognates, ambiguities, general translation, medical translation, technical translation, idiomatic translation, literary translation, localization, translation resources, plus editing and proofreading for quality control!

In this course, we'll also cover traps one can fall into if using online dictionaries and resources without caution. Machine translation examples will be provided, which can change meaning and mislead readers in the target language. 

By taking this course and following my professional tips and tricks, you translation career will take flight.

The Team

Oliveira Simões       1 kudos

Hello. I'm a professional translator and I'll be your facilitator in this course. Feel free to drop me a line if you need help....

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Assess your progress as you go along. The course is totally self-paced and awards you a FREE certificate upon completion. You'll also be given the option to order professionally graded translation tests at the end.

Translation Practice

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