In our daily lives, we all come across situations and conversations which feel awkward or uncomfortable. These can be really important moments. How we handle them has the power to affect our relationships, someone's outlook and sometimes their life.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? When someone is angry, upset or distressed have you ever avoided the conversation; perhaps not knowing what to do or say,  not having the time or thinking they should "get a grip"? Maybe you tried to help but came away wondering why it went badly? If you feel it went well, would they agree? Could you do it better?

30 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME TO BENEFIT YOU AND THOSE AROUND YOU. Drawing on validated approaches this brief, practical training will allow you to understand more about these interactions and develop your existing skills, helping these conversations go better in all parts of your life- family, social, work. Included are links to more information and where to find help if needed. It works with all age groups, young and old.

Take 30 minutes to do our free online WISETALKERS course.

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We all need WISETALKERS around us


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WISETALKERS is an acronym to help you remember the key ways to encourage good communication.

WISE is about being prepared; managing yourself and the situation so you get the best possible outcome from a conversation. TALKERS provides practical tips for the conversation.

Wellbeing, Individuality, Signs of Distress, Environment,

Tune-In, Ask, Listen actively without judgement, Keep calm, Empower, Respond, Selfcare.

Wisetalkers provides a practical guide to reducing common barriers to good two way communication. The knowledge and skills introduced are useful in day to day family, social and work settings by helping to promote respectful, supportive relationships.

Wisetalkers is designed to increase the confidence to open a conversation with someone who is struggling with what is happening in their life, by providing tips on how to prepare.

Wisetalkers introduces ways in which to encourage open and honest communication about thoughts and feelings, identifies some appropriate responses and where to direct people if further help is needed.

Wisetalkers works on the principle that everyone can offer support in some form; you don't need to be an expert, It won't turn you into a trained counsellor and is not a replacement for professional help when this is needed.


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