The best way to teach anyone, anything, anywhere.

Set up an educational portal for your company in minutes. Create courses easily, invite your students, and form a vibrant community.

Fun and effective online learning, set up in minutes.

Custom eLearning portal with courses and classes

You don't need technical experience or a huge budget to create a fun and engaging learning environment for your school or company.

Registering your organisation on OpenLearning lets you create a unique space for all your online courses, all through one simple and easy to use package.

OpenLearning allows you to effortlessly create and teach courses, track your students' progress online, and customise the design of your organisation on the world's most social and innovative learning platform.

OpenLearning brings cutting edge university educational tools to your organisation. Whether you have eight students or eight thousand, OpenLearning has the scale, experience, and flexibility to deliver your courses online anywhere in the world.

Engage and collaborate with communities in every course.

OpenLearning is the only current learning management system that provides the tools to create a community.

Designed by leading educators and engineers, OpenLearning seamlessly integrates private instant messaging, ubiquitous commenting (allowing you to comment directly on content), blogging and gamification (including badges and progress tracking), all to create a powerful interactive learning experience for your students or staff.

By combining the collaboration and knowledge sharing power of Wikis with the familiarity, community, and team building of social networking, the OpenLearning Platform is able to improve learning outcomes, reduce the cost of teaching and build a lasting relationships with students.

Online community and forum for student/staff engagement

Invite students and customise your look without calling IT.

Administer all the staff/users in your corporate learning portal

Don't waste your time fighting with hardware, software, and hosting. Easily create a professional, custom branded institution portal and look like a star!

Inviting hundreds or thousands of people to your institution portal is a breeze - just upload their email addresses or send them a link. OpenLearning even supports Single Sign-On (SSO) by request

Instantly find students and view progress

Organise students by groups

Quickly add everyone in a group to a course

With just a few clicks you can upload your logo, background images, and colours so that your online institution matches the look of your organisation.

Beautifully simple administration and categorisation.

We provide all the features you need to manage thousands of students and hundreds of courses, organised intuitively and simply.

Maintain a consistent atmosphere across all your courses by creating templates. Just go to your templates, choose your favourite "look" and save it as a template for the next time you create a course.

Lots of courses? Organise them into categories. Create categories with beautiful images and choose which categories your courses belong to. The categories will then be displayed in your institution portal.

Easily restrict access to people from your organisation. Just specify your email address format and we'll automatically verify your students when they sign up.

Categories and template for courses

We're flexible, so you don't have to be.

Teach courses on any topic

Every company and teacher has their own style. OpenLearning is flexible, customisable, and extendable to support your organisation.

Universities, schools, and colleges

Small to medium sized companies

Franchise, franchisee, and employee training

Certified professional development

Industry associations

Corporate MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Independent instructors with paid online courses

Blended learning and entirely online learning

Easy access to data and analytics to keep you informed.

You don't have to be everywhere to know everything. Easily access information, from cohesive summaries of your courses through to detailed statistics on specific students.

OpenLearning automatically collects metrics and data on your courses, including how students are progressing and where they are getting stuck. You can easily access this information and make decisions on how to change the course or help individual students.

Discover everything about your course, from the comparitive popularity of content to which students engage the most with the rest of the class. OpenLearning will keep you informed.

Need to do more? You can easily export the data from your courses to Excel/CSV to sort and graph it on your computer.

List of all students in courses

Delightful for educators and companies worldwide.

"I found Open Learning to be a wonderful platform to develop and deploy amazing courses. The tools are intuitive, easy to use and encourage collaboration between students. The support team is awesome, they are very helpful and always there to support in a true partnership spirit."

"It was extremely easy to set up my courses and I am able to update them each time they run without having to upload all of the material again. The administration staff at Openlearning are fantastic - they are experts at what they do and always answer my questions in a timely manner."

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