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Autism is a hugely topical area as the statistics for the prevalence of Autism rise with each year. This has many ramifications for the education system and teaching as parents now demand an equal, inclusive education for their children who have Autism.

Mainstream school & teachers are largely ill-equipped and have minimal Autism training. This course will provide you with vital information, strategies and techniques that you can take back to your school and classroom. 

This is the second of two courses presented by Karen Barley on Autism Awareness. You can take this course as an extension of the original Autism course or as a stand alone. YOU DO NOT NEED to take the first course to do this one.

How to Enrol

This is an online course by Teacher Training Australia. Our courses are hosted on Open Leanring, however if you want to get involved, find the course on our TTA Website and enrol.

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More Information

The Course Aims:
To provide Autism Awareness for educators
For teachers to develop an understanding of how to create an educational environment that is autism friendly and conducive to learning.
For educators to understand more about the effects of the symptoms of Autism and how they affect student behaviour and learning.
To understand more about sensory issues and how they affect individuals who have Autism.
To provide educational strategies that assists students on the Autism Spectrum to learn more effectively.


Primary & Secondary Teachers, Special Education Teachers & Inclusion Co-ordinators.

Format Description

A normal online course delivered through moodle over several weeks is worth from 5-12 hrs depending on the course content and its objectives. Participants will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only, end dates will be listed and course hours advertised. 
As an online course, participants access it through the TTA online learning environment. Links to this website and access information are provided on the start date. Participants are not advised to take the day off on the start date, as it should be completed in the time participants set aside for it. This is because there will be no face-to-face class or ‘Webinar’. The entire course is done online and is forum based.
Participant information: We advise you take the time to complete the course week-to-week (up to 2 hours a week total) to complete the course within the time the course is open. The courses are generally broken up into ‘Modules’, meaning new information and tasks are designed to segment the learning, and allow you time to complete each module before advancing on. You will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only.

This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


Module 1 - Introduction

15 minutes

Course Overview

Course Requirements

Technical Requirements

Professional Standards


Module 2 - Autism - Overview

90 minutes

Autism - Autism as a Continuum/Spectrum

Understanding the DSM-V

What does this mean for educators?

Identifying children who may be on the Spectrum and what to do next.


Module 3 - How does Autism affect learning

60 minutes

Don't mistake autism symptoms for an intellectual disability.

Focus on the positives - what can a student do, NOT what they can't do.


Module 4 - The Classroom

90 minutes

Strategies for the classroom (Inclusive model)

What to do if you know you are going to have a student with Autism in your classroom.

Collaboration with parents


Module 5 - Lessons & presenting classroom work to students who have Autism

90 minutes

Presenting classroom 'work' and lessons students who are on the Autism Spectrum

Understand me, so that you understand my learning style.

Why technology?


Module 6 - Course Summary

15 minutes

Review learning

Identify other professional development opportunities


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