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This is an online course by Teacher Training Australia. Our courses are hosted on Open Leanring, however if you want to get involved, find the course on our TTA Website and enrol.

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Taking education into the 21st Century Karina Barley - M.Ed. is an internationally recognized educational consultant, specializing in autism education and 21st...

shirley houston       344 kudos

I'm a private Educational Consultant working in the area of Special Needs. I've been teaching and training teachers in this area for over 35 years. I've run a l...

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CONTACT US by phone or email with your enquiries If you are having trouble with your course you can visit the HELP page, or feel free to CONTACT US. Please not...

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The online format gives participants skills and time to:

identify strengths and weaknesses of the dyslexics in their workplace

identify strengths and weaknesses of their workplace in provision for dyslexics

trial/implement support strategies designed to increase success

discuss the success of the trial/implementation with other participants and the presenter in Forums

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