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There are so many digital tools that you could easily incorporate into your teaching this year. Which are the most effective? Which will your students find useful? 

This course will explore some excellent tools for teaching and learning scientific concepts. It will also cover some tools that are valuable for collaboration, communication, creativity and engagement. 

If you are looking to effectively incorporate digital technology into your classroom you will find value in this course.

How to Enrol

This is an online course by Teacher Training Australia. Our courses are hosted on Open Leanring, however if you want to get involved, find the course on our TTA Website and enrol.

The Team

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Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

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This course is designed for Science teachers years 7-12. Whether you are a novice or experienced there is something for you in this course.

Format Description

A normal online course is delivered over 1-12 weeks and is worth from 3-12 PDhrs depending on the course content and its objectives. Participants will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only, end dates will be advertised with course hours. 

This course contributes to 10.0 professional development hours.


Module 1 - Module Title

1 Hour

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Module 2 - Module Title

1 Hour 30 Minutes

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Module 3 - Module Title

30 minutes

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What To Bring

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