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I believe iPads and their use in educational settings have incredible implications for learning and learning outcomes.  I’ve trialed using iPads across the main curriculum areas in my classroom with students who have autism and special needs and there were significant improvements across the board.  

There is significant research on how Technology Assisted Learning can enhance the learning of children with disabilities. Given that information, I sought to improve my students' chance of success using technology and from the results I believe the iPad can revolutionise the education of children with disabilities.

Using iPads in my classroom improved concentration & persistence; students worked harder & consistently; they were motivated and eager to work: and behaviour and results improved.

This course is an overview of how you can use iPads in your special needs classroom and demonstrates the use of applications to achieve the best results for students.

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This course aims:

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Primary & Secondary Teachers, Special Education Teachers & Inclusion Co-ordinators, Education Leaders

Format Description

A normal online course delivered through moodle over several weeks is worth from 5-12 hrs depending on the course content and its objectives. Participants will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only, end dates will be listed and course hours advertised. 
As an online course, participants access it through the TTA online learning environment. Links to this website and access information are provided on the start date. Participants are not advised to take the day off on the start date, as it should be completed in the time participants set aside for it. This is because there will be no face-to-face class or ‘Webinar’. The entire course is done online and is forum based.
Participant information: We advise you take the time to complete the course week-to-week (up to 2 hours a week total) to complete the course within the time the course is open. The courses are generally broken up into ‘Modules’, meaning new information and tasks are designed to segment the learning, and allow you time to complete each module before advancing on. You will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only.


This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


Topic 1 - Welcome & Overview


Topic 2 - Benefits & advantages of using iPads

45 mins

Why are they iPads so effective in the special need’s classroom?

What can the ‘iPad’ classroom look like?

Student's perspective

Topic 3 - Educational & therapeutic benefits to the student?

45 mins

Do students' outcomes improve?

-iPads for therapy such as sensory issues

-Augmentative Communication

-Schedules, Social Stories & calming techniques

Topic 4 - Using iPads in the special education setting

45 mins

Ideas and Strategies for using the iPad based on Curriculum.

How to use the iPad in the classroom? They are not just a toy or a fill in!

Why we shouldn't use iPad games in the classroom?

Topic 5 - Applications - Literacy

55 mins

What kinds of applications can you use for literacy?



-speaking and listening

-in both primary and secondary setting.

Topic 6 - Applications - Numeracy

55 mins

What kinds of applications can you use for numeracy?

-counting, number, one to one correspondence


-fractions, time, money


-math games

-advanced math

-in both primary and secondary setting.

Topic 7 - Apps in Other Curriculum Areas

45 mins

Geography apps such as Google Earth

Science apps for special interests

Art apps

Music apps

Topic 8 - Course Overview

10 mins

Review & Reflection

What To Bring

There is no preparation needed to do this course, although some iPad knowledge is assumed. For example, it is important that you know how your iPad works, how it connects to the internet, how to find the Safari app to search the web, and how to download apps etc. 

App suggestions are made throughout the course but YOU are not expected to purchase any apps. We are aware that budgets can be restricting, therefore, each app is connected to the iTunes store so you can view the app first. You can also go to the developer's website, search for the app on Youtube, look for online reviews etc to see how the apps work. Then you can decide which apps will suit your needs.

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