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About Me

Hi, my name is Ahmad Shaarizan Shaarani. I'm a a senior lecturer at Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, UTeM. I received my BSc in Information Technology (with Hons.) from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in 1995, and my MSc also in Information Technology (with Hons) specializing in Software Development and Multimedia from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA in 1998. 

Since 1995 until now, I have been working at few organizations such as at Kontena Nasional Bhd. as Network Programmer in 1995, at Universiti Utara Malaysia (Kedah) as a tutor and a lecturer from 1996 until 200 and at UniversitiTeknikal Malaysia Melaka as senior lecturer since 2001. As an active academician, I has been teaching a lot of IT related courses such as Programming Technique using C++ and Java, Data Structure and Algorithms, Statistic, Game Programming, Human Computer Interaction, Audio Video Technology, File Processing, Multimedia Networks, Interactive Media Authoring and Multimedia System. In 2014, I have receiced University Academic Award for teaching category from UTeM where I have implemented the technology in my teaching by using iBook, iTunes U and other online e-Learning approach. 

Aside from teaching, I also involve in supervising students project both for undergraduate and post graduate levels, producing a few subject modules, seminar and conference paper as well as book chapters. Currently I'm doing my PhD as part time student in the field of Blended and Flipped Learning