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Aisyah Saad

About Me

Dr Aisyah Saad is USM MOOC manager and holds a PhD (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) from University of Nottingham. She is a registered pharmacist. Prior to joining the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2005, she worked in Ipoh Hospital and retail pharmacies in Penang. 

Dr Aisyah is the recipient of the USM Teaching Excellence Award (Anugerah Pendidik Sanjungan 2012) for her interactive and innovative approaches in teaching and learning. Her application was shortlisted in the top 50 for the Wharton-QS Stars Reimagining Education Award 2014 out of over 400 submissions. Currently she is CDAE Trainer and Malaysian  Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) Mastertrainer for Interactive Lecture programme–conducting small and large workshops at university and national levels.

Dr Aisyah Saad uses visual stories to teach chemistry to her pharmacy undergraduates. Her students describe their experiences in her chemistry lectures as "active", "interactive", "very creative", "fresh", "interesting" and "making the learning process enjoyable". Feedback from previous workshop participants about her presentation workshop–"Thank you again CDAE and the speaker for delivering an effective workshop. This is worth spending a day over and to skip a professorial talk." "I like it! Keep up the good work, congrats!"  | "Learned so many new tools" "I have learned SO MUCH, really. THANK YOU Dr Aisyah and CDAE. Keep up the good work. God Bless!"  

The workshops conducted are Presentation Makeover for Educators, MOOC with OpenLearning, Presentations Skills (Educators, Scientists and Researchers, Undergraduates), Essential Web 2.0 Tools for Educators, Interactive Lecture, Learning Management Systems (LMS: Edmodo, Moodle, OpenLearning).

Dr Aisyah Saad can be reached at aisyah@usm.my, tel: 04-6534094.