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Ben from the RTA

About Me

My name is Ben and I am the Education Director of ClassCover and the Relief Teacher Association. It's been great to meet you all.


A bit of background

I have been involved in education on many, many levels over many years. I started out as a tennis coach believe it or not and worked in / on the PE staff of schools in Sydney and ran a tennis club in Wimbledon, London for a few years.  During this time in London I taught in some of the more, lets say 'character building' schools one might imagine. It was an amazing experience.

Back at home in the lead up to starting ClassCover I taught from K (or F) to year 12. My formal qualification is in secondary History, however years of casual teaching made me relatively comfortable with the littlies and the big kids.

I definitely hope to one day return to teaching but for now, we saw a process (ie the booking of casual relief teachers) that could be made better, and we have set out to fix it. As part of this process, we heard from relief teachers in need of support, cheap, convenient and relevant PD so we are doing our best to provide this you.

When i'm not chatting with you lot i'm hanging out with my wife Katie, my maniac of a 2 year old George and his relatively new, 12 week old brother Patrick. When time allows I like to surf... a lot :)

ClassCover is a 100% transparent organisation and if you have questions throughout your time on this amazing OpenLearning platform, then you now have a direct line to co-owner so ask away!

Please enjoy our courses.