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Bob Brandis

About Me

I started teaching in 1973 as a bright eyed, bushy tailed youngster who knew everything. I had all the skills. I knew about kids. I knew about curriculum.

That was until I started teaching my first class. 32 little bruisers who tested me out. It was then I fell in love with teaching and began to work on the craft of teaching.

In 1979 I became principal of my first one-teacher country school. The nearest anything was 50km. I had dragged my family to the middle of nowhere. And we loved that too.

For the next 32 years, I progressed up the principal ranks, moving to progressively bigger and more complex schools. I taught and was principal of country schools, city schools, primary schools, secondary schools and all the time I made a conscious effort to be in front of classrooms. In my secondary school, I put myself onto, what was regarded as the toughest class in the school; Year 11 social English. I loved that too.

In fact, I enjoyed my career but other things began to challenge me more. I retired from full-time work in 2010 to take on new challenges.  I worked in a variety of relieving positions from classroom teaching to acting principal and deputy principal roles. I went to school camps and took targetted projects in schools. I am never far from schools and classrooms.

I started my web site, reliefteaching.com. It now boasts over 1500 members. Through my site, I run free professional development courses on a range of topics. Behaviour management is the most popular. It seems teachers are crying out for behaviour management support.

I invite you to take up the support offered through Open Learning.