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Professor Dr Dayang Anita Abdul Aziz

About Me

I'm a senior consultant paediatric surgeon and head of paediatric surgery at UKM Medical Centre. I'm involved in the development of PERMATA Children's Hospital UKM. We are committed to provide child and family- friendly environment for all our paediatric patients now and at the new hospital. I have excellent team members for this course from various disciplines. They have completed the training of trainers course organised by Child Life Council USA recently. Since 2012, Professor Dr. Zarina Abdul Latiff (Senior Consultant Paediatrician and also a key-member of the PERMATA Children's Hospital UKM Project)  and I have organised annual Child-Friendly and Child-Safety Workshops to empower the children of various age and our medical students to be exposed to values related to Child-Safety and Child-Friendly. Now we are moving toward empowering our nurses, doctors and health personnel. Join us!