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Dr Fahmi Hussin

About Me


I'm currently a Senior Lecturer at MARA University of Technology (UiTM). My PhD was on Engineering (Safety). Much of my work revolves around Safety (Policies, Management System, HIRARC). However, my passion also revolves around Electromagnetism. I have lectured Electromagnetic Theory for 7 semesters to Undergraduates. I am one of the founding members of Applied Electromagnetic Research Group (AERG) at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UiTM. The research group is actively working on various researches including Applied Electromagnetism, Radar System and Safety Technology. My current research is with Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (FRDM) on Disaster Management using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Additionally, we are currently researching on Electromagnetic Radiation Detection in Telco Industry using Artificial Neural Network (ANN).

I have been awarded several research and community grants totaling to over RM1.4 Million (Graduate Employ-ability, Exploratory Research Grant Scheme, Research Acculturate Grant Scheme). I am currently supervising 2 PhD students and several Master by Research students.

Currently, I lead the Fire Warden/ First Aid Committee at FKE. I am also a member of FKE Safety Committee and Employers Representative for UiTM Safety Committee. I have done several consultancy work with various companies including Malaysia Nuclear Agency, CONSIST Training Center, Selangor Kindergarten Association, Global Era Venture Sdn Bhd, Shenviro Sdn Bhd and many more