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Ir Dr Rajendran

About Me

My Aspiration in Life:

HAT stands for Helper – Action – Transformation. Human being plays various roles in life, putting on different HAT for different purpose. The fundamental role revolves helping fellow human beings to take the right action to move forward in life, while transforming together towards happiness.

Helper means being empathetic towards others’ needs to empower them.

Action indicates the wholesome deeds we involved in to support fellow human beings in fulfilling the basic needs required for them to be positive towards life. This in turn eradicates negative elements such as lust, greed, anger, fear, hatred and jealousy.

Transformation is a process where we move beyond this worldly needs and achieve self-esteem that is essential for self-fulfillment. This provides inner happiness to all human beings. The fundamental happiness achieved within will harmonize thoughts, words and deeds.

In a nutshell, my purpose in life is to help fellow human beings live happily.