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Jill Creighton

About Me

I have been a teacher for 8 years in the UK. Deciding to fight against the cold, I moved from Scotland to the warmer climes of England and have even ended up burnt several times.

I have a MA Humanities degree from Glasgow University, which allowed me to study a vast range of topics from literature to politics to storytelling. After I completed the course, I enrolled in a PGDE (secondary English) at the University of the West of Scotland, where I gained qualified teacher status. Whilst studying, I worked as a teaching assistant in a Learning Support department.

My first teaching job was in a Behaviour Support department; it was for students who struggled to be in mainstream education. This role afforded me the opportunity to work across a range of subjects as well as be a mainstream English teacher for students aged 11-18. When I moved to England, I was offered the job of Lead Teacher of Literacy across the curriculum; I was able to analyse how other subjects used a variety of literacy skills and broaden my own knowledge. I was then promoted to Assistant Director of the Faculty before moving to another school where I was appointed as Head of English.

Although I loved working in the secondary sector, I had thought about moving to primary for a couple of years, and this became a reality when I was offered the job of Head of Upper Key Stage 2 and Year 6 teacher. It was at this point that I realised that many of the talented staff didn't have a secure background in English, and this meant they relied on online sites to find suitable worksheets for lessons. I saw the opportunity to use my own subject knowledge to encourage, inspire and empower teachers which led me to quit my job to start my own consultancy business, English with Ease.

Please find out more about how I wrote a grammar handbook, created grammar characters and punctuation aliens on my website www.englishwithease.org