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Liam O'Connor-Davis

About Me


My name is Liam O'Connor-Davis, my CSE username is liamoc.

I am teaching all tutorials of COMP3161 this semester, as well as some other work relating to that course. Details about 3161 stuff can be found on my page for this course.

Regarding Email

Please don't send me email if I'm not your tutor.

If I am your tutor, you also shouldn't send me email unless you require a very rapid response or your question is something you wouldn't be comfortable posting openly (e.g marks-related correspondence, death threats, flames, love letters and so on). In all other cases, you should try to reach me via OpenLearning so that others may answer your question and save me effort, and everyone can benefit from the discussion.


I've been teaching at UNSW for a long time (but not nearly as long as Rupert). I am a regular at the Programming Languages and Systems research group, specialising in powerful type systems based on mathematical logic and type theories, and a wonderful functional programming language called Haskell, which you should definitely consider learning. Recently, most of my work has been centered around Agda, an innovative programming language and theorem prover based on the intuitionistic type theory of Per Martin-Löf.

I also work as a research engineer at NICTA, working on domain specific programming languages for designing and verifying file systems. In the past at NICTA I was involved in efforts to develop the Isabelle theorem prover and the l4.verified project.

My interests in computer science are focused on programming languages, type systems, formal methods and concurrency. As a result of these interests, I also do a fairly large amount of work in software systems and security. If you're interested in these areas, I can give you advice and suggest a possible set of courses for future enrolment.

In a past life I worked as a web developer, including a short stint at Google working on the now-defunct Google Wave. Many companies like Google are looking for interns who are very bright and still studying at university. If this fits your description, I may be able to assist you in preparing for interviews.