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Najwa Alwi

About Me


Hello, I'm the USIM MOOC coordinator.
I have started my career as a lecturer in 2000. Since then I've been teaching several courses including the Introduction to IT, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Security, Information Security Management, information system assurance as well as CYBERLAW  to undergraduates and postgraduates. Specifically for Introduction to IT or currently known as ICT course, my students are from multi- faculties. I'm a certified 1Citizen trainer and a facilitator for Secure ICT for Muslim Development.  As a lecturer, I also have to conduct research and supervise postgraduates research. My area of interest include the information security management and e-services:-e-learning.
Look forward to see you participating in USIM's Courses and of course  my new course CYBERLAW.

I had as well gained a lot of knowledge from the courses offered in this platform.
Enjoy learning everyone!
Lots of Love