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Nor Eliza Alias

About Me

I have been working with UTM since 2007 as a tutor after graduating Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from UTM and continued my studies for Master’s. I received my Master’s degree by research in Coastal Engineering in 2010, specializing in ‘the role of vegetation particularly mangroves in dissipating Tsunami (physical experiments)‘. In 2011, I continued my Ph.D. (Doctoral of Engineering)  in Kyoto University, Japan until September 2014 under the supervision of a Professor in Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI). The main research topic is on improving the method in estimating probable maximum precipitation (PMP). The application can be used for regions with limited data availability or regions with rainfall records containing very few extreme outliers. The research also deals with frequency analysis and extreme rainfall data. During my PhD time, I had visited a lot of places (Singapore, Newcastle UK, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Shiga, etc.) through research activities and received a lot of information on methods and practices related to disaster risk management and climate change. The memories and experienced gained during my PhD was priceless as I had met many good friends (consist of people all over the globe) and gained a passion towards extreme rainfall analysis,flood disaster,disaster management, and social impacts studies especially due to climate change. Thus, as a senior Lecturer in UTM, it would be a responsibility to continue pursuing what I have learned and make it into action particularly for Malaysia and its neighboring regions.