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Dr Nurwina Anuar

About Me


Hi everyone!! I am excited about the online teaching project here as I am looking for an opportunity to share the knowledge to the world.  My ultimate aim is to make the complex academic knowledge can be accepted and applied to not even athletes but also to non-athletic populations, and I want to inspire people through education. 
I am specializing in imagery, the psychological technique that has been beneficial to sport, exercise, and rehabilitation. I have been working with athletes at every level, from recreational athletes to elite athletes competing at national and international levels.
My Ph.D. is in Sport and Exercise Science focused on sports psychology at University of Birmingham, UK, and now, I teach sports psychology subject at undergraduate and graduate levels.
I am energetic, approachable, and chance grabber. My brain works fast and so my movement, so try me. I try to employ a real-life approach to working on the mental aspects of sport and performance with my students and people surrounding. I have my personal commitment to lifelong fitness, and when I am not working, you might find me at hiking a trail or running a track.