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Phelim Yong Voon Chen

About Me

Dr. Phelim Yong received his BSc. Biomedical Sciences (Hons.) and his doctorate degree with a Ph.D dissertation entitled "Elucidating the host-pathogen interaction in a mouse model of acute systemic candidiasis", with his field of interest in dissecting the complex interaction between infectious agents with host from Universiti Putra Malaysia. 

During his academic career in Taylor's University, he has taught at undergraduate level in his specialised area of Molecular Medicine including courses such as “Genes, Cells and Evolution”, “Cell structure and Function” and Genetics for the University of Queensland, Australia- Biomedical and Biotechnology programme and currently, he is the module coordinator for Eukaryotic Cell Biology for Taylor's University homegrown programmes. He holds the position of Associate Dean of Learning & Quality for School of Biosciences, Taylor’s University and is a member of International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) as well as National Genetics Society of Malaysia. 

In the research field, he has been awarded research grants from Ministry of Higher Education under the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme for research project entitled 'Elucidating the mechanisms of Cryptococcus neoformans entry into host cells', Exploratory Research Grant Scheme: Characterisation and Evaluation of Metabolic Markers for Cryptococcus neoformans infection and Taylor's Research Grant Scheme for the research project entitled 'Protein profiling of Cryptococcus neoformans capsule proteins by two- dimensional electrophoresis'.