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Sarah Temple

About Me

Doctor Sarah Temple is a GP with a special interest in neurodevelopment, emotional and mental health. She has  more than 25 years experienrce working with children and young people both within General Practice and Mental Health Services and  a special interest in the link between child and parental wellbeing. Www.emotioncoaching.co.uk 

Sarah has worked closely with parents and carers (including parent carers) who are experiencing life events such as post natal mood change, having a child with additional needs or disability, post traumatic stress disorder, bereavement, divorce, domestic abuse, separation or  ill health. She has undertaken research in to the influence of parental health – both physical and mental – on both parents and children; and the impact on parental health of caring for  children with additional needs, behavioural issues, learning difficulties or disabilities. She has been trained to run Emotion Coaching Parenting Courses by Tuning in to Kids .

Taking a whole family approach to child and parental health, Sarah offers a safe environment where parents can discuss their situation in greater detail; and she supports families in gaining fast access to relevant services such as Parent and Family Support Advisors, Youth Workers, Social Workers, Psychotherapists and Mindfulness trainers. Sarah has trained to facilitate the Freedom Programme.

Sarah says, “Secure relationships in early life are key to the development of healthy emotions in childhood, teenage years and into adulthood. For both parents and children, early intervention and fast access to services can break the cycle of entrenched behaviour and transform child and parent well being''.

As a co-founder of EHCAP, a consultancy offering innovative solutions to Education, Health, Care and Prison services, Sarah has gained significant experience working collaboratively across  agencies to improve outcomes for children and young people into adulthood and develop public services that offer better value. She works with health visiting teams and school nurses within the NHS looking at innovative and nurturing solutions for improving outcomes for children and young people.