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Tom Benjamin

About Me

I'm a researcher in Australia. I have a long history with the University of New South Wales, having begun my career in its teaching hospitals as a clinical psychologist, and acted as an expert witness in neuropsychology and forensic psychology through its Unisearch programme.  I was a lecturer in the UNSW medical faculty and taught a variety of management and I.T. related courses.

Over the decades of this work I developed a range of educational/therapeutic activities and in more recent years have been able to apply this research while working as a senior researcher at the state government department of education and training.  

Currently I'm offering my accumulated research experience through professional development activities such as these OpenLearning courses.

My message to teachers and therapists is that this is do-it-yourself level activity -ie- thanks to these free resources such as OpenLearning, Bigmarker, and YouTube you can literally run an international multimedia network and a full Media Institute of Technology from a card table, at no more budget than a meal and drink at the local karaoke.

If I can do it so can you.

Where I can help you is by speeding up the learning curve. I've reviewed countless software/hardware combinations and can save you a lot of time and money.