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Veronica Ng

About Me

I am veronica! Graduating with a PhD (in Architecture) from Curtin University in Australia in 2009, I have been pursuing my love for all things architecture, but architecture! Steering on a slight tangent off architectural practice, I love inspiring architecture students through teaching architecture. My current passion is to share with others on the uniqueness and the contemporary scene of Malaysian architecture. I am avid writer, and active contributor to architecture and design magazines such as Architecture Malaysia.

I believe that through writing, I am able to promote Malaysian architecture, and offer a platform for Malaysian architects to express their works and manifestoes. This is one reason why the Experiencing Malaysian Architecture MOOC is conceived. At its infancy, I modestly hope that it will offer a glimpse, an appreciation of architecture that reflects the spirit of Malaysia, and Malaysian architects and architecture. Using MOOC as a launchpad, I envision to start off a website/campaign specific to place-specific approaches to architecture and the built environment.