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Vikki Grant

About Me

Lead Facilitator, Inspirer of Questions, Excitement Generator


“Throughout history, great leaders have stood on the precipice of ostracism and ridicule, as they dared to challenge the status quo.  I take inspiration from these trailblazers as I push forward with heady aspirations of helping to lead the teaching profession into the 21st century.” 


 2014 was a very busy year for Vikki and 2015 seems no exception, with – writing teaching materials for Education QLD, authoring an eBook, creating and maintaining an educational website and associated Facebook page, developing and delivering PD workshops, web conferencing speaking at national educational conference, moving states and then countries and life as a musician. Recognised for her contribution to the profession as Teacher of the Year for 2014, Vikki is well respected amongst her peers and it is clear that she is driven by a desire to make teaching exciting.


Vikki hales from a long line of educators and her father is an inventor, so it seems only natural that genetics has gifted her with a problem solving brain.   She relishes the challenge of creating classroom activities that (through their design and implementation) maximise engagement and minimise behaviour management. A big kid at heart, Vikki admits, “I love to have fun and strive to be the teacher that I wish I had when I was at school.” 


Passionate about making a difference, Vikki seeks to help teachers be inspired to create interesting and innovative teaching strategies so that change can be effected in a reach that is wider than her own classroom.