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Wan Jumani Fauzi

About Me

Salaam and hiiiiiiii!!!

My name is Jumani and I am a newb to Openlearning and embracing it one baby step at a time, as a learner and an instructor.

To my instructors, I am in it 110% and multitasking as best as I can. Time is usually not on my side. I will finish it...later, if not sooner as quitting is not an option. 

To my learners, I am a newb and learning as well. Let us learn from each other and enjoy our time together.

I teach English at Universiti Malaysia Pahang and my students are mainly Engineering students. A university is our training ground where we grab every opportunity to make our resumes outstanding, as is our MOOC. I always tell my students, "'Practice makes perfect' is wrong. It is perfect practice that makes perfect." For example, I am really bad at bowling. I truly suck at it. If I practise it wrongly, my bowling skills would never improve. Having said that, don't be afraid to make mistakes. It is 'cool' to make mistakes, but it is always cooler to learn from them. That's my philosophy in class. So my learners, be bold, just do it! If you make a mistake, do it again, and do it better!  

Another thing is I hate plagiarism. Why 'copy and paste' when you can cite your references and show the world how well-read and hardworking you are. We are not God, we don't know everything. The information we have must have come from somewhere. Give credit where credit is due. Plus I find reading any assignment that comes from one's own experiences is far, far more interesting than reading something that was uhmm copied from somewhere and passed off as one's own. 

My main goal as an instructor is to make my learners independent learners who are able to use whatever they have around them as a source and tool for learning.

So, that's me and some expectations I have. Let's make this interactive and go with the flow. Use this platform to meet others and network even. If there is anything you like or don't like, let me know. I am great with criticisms. There is always room for improvement! These are exciting times!