Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and a frame of mind that can be learnt and cultivated. It is not only about making money but more about making a difference and transforming the world. 

Global Entrepreneurship, is a collaborative course between Taylor's University, Open Learning and Pozible. The course aims at unleashing the potential of everyone participating. Students will be working on real entrepreneurial projects, in teams of students from other parts of the world. Students will be using crowd funding techniques to realise projects that will have a global positive impact. Get ready to change the world!

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Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

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Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

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Hello everyone, I'm a teacher for this course and I can't wait to learn with all of you.

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Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and a frame of mind that can be learnt and cultivated. It is not only about making money but more about making a difference and transforming the world. 

Last year Taylor's University organised the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Malaysia. The MOOC was about Entrepreneurship and it was a big success with thousands of students from 115 different countries.

This MOOC, Global Entrepreneurship, is a collaborative course between the Ministry of Education MalaysiaTaylor's University, Open Learning and Pozible. The course aims at unleashing the potential of everyone participating. Students will be working, on real entrepreneurial projects, in teams of students from other parts of the world.

The course features world renowned speakers and entrepreneurs. A key element of the course is to use crowd funding to raise money for their team project.

In this course you will rewire your brain and develop a positive growth mindset as well as learn how to raise fund and work collaboratively with motivated people from all over the world.

This course is now self-paced. To contact the course team, please tag them in your comments.

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Course Outline

1. Introduction: Why Entrepreneurship? 

Entrepreneurship is the art of making the world a better place, through orchestrating various resources with the intention of creating value and enriching life. Entrepreneurship represents a set of skills that can be utilised by anyone to enhance the quality of life in both for-profit and not-for-profit contexts. In this course you will work on a real-life project, together with your on-campus and online colleagues with the intention of realising opportunities and adding value. A cornerstone of this course is fund raising using crowd funding techniques. This lecture introduces the course, outlining the philosophy and the expectations.

2. Entrepreneurship, Learning, Language and the Brain

Entrepreneurs are positive people who see opportunities where others see challenges. They do not stop at recognising the opportunity, they are willing to work hard and take risk to convert the opportunity into a real value. This lecture builds on the materials presented in the previous lecture and introducing Entrepreneurship as a frame of mind that can be learned and nurtured. Through the use of the right language and the correct technique, we can build myelin around rewire our brains to be highly effective entrepreneurs able to recognise opportunity and deliver value and make a difference in the world.   

3. Crowd Funding

The 21st Century is the Century of entrepreneurs. It is for the first time in the history of humankind where technology enables and empowers every individual to be integrated into the global value network and compete with the big players. You can buy, sell and accept credit cards working from your garage, a feat that was considered impossible a decade or so ago.Technology enables the masses to organise themselves and work together towards a common cause. This lecture will introduce the basics of crowd funding so that you can run a successful crowd funding campaign for your project. The lecture is delivered by Adrianna Tan from Pozible.com the crowd funding platform that we are collaborating with on this course.

4. Build an Entrepreneur dream team 

An Entrepreneurs’ goal is not fix all their weaknesses, but rather to amplify their strengths and surround themselves with people who can complement them. Building a successful team is a highly important skill and in this lecture you will learn the basics of building effective teams that will work towards having the core competencies necessary to deliver the promised value to the stakeholders.

5. Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Entrepreneurs create products and services that we need and desire to have. These products and services make life easier, safer and more enjoyable. They affect the way work, study and play. Entrepreneurs achieve this through creating a balance between what is technologically feasible, economically viable and humanly desirable. The value is created and delivered to customers and funders within an eco system. In this lecture you will be exposed to the basic components of the eco system in which value is created and delivers to the customers.

6. Think like an Entrepreneur 

Entrepreneurs are very optimistic people. They see opportunities where others see problems and obstacles and they keep a rather romantic view of the world, believing that they can make it a better place. In this lecture, you will learn language and thinking skills and techniques that will help you think like an Entrepreneur, identifying opportunities and taking appropriate actions to realise them.

7. Focus like an Entrepreneur

Business plans are how entrepreneurs communicate their ideas and plans of new ventures. A business plan is a document that outlines the venture’s potential including the business value, the customers’ segments, the resources needed and the expected profit.

8. Communicate like an Entrepreneur 

Business is all about people. Whether your staff, customers, investors or the governmental officials, you will need to communicate, communicate and communicate. This lecture will provide you with a framework for an effective communication that can use not only in business context, but also in your life at large.

9. Market like an Entrepreneur 

Understanding markets and marketing is an important skill for an Entrepreneur. This lecture will introduce you to the essentials of marketing.

10. Inspire like an Entrepreneur 

Entrepreneurship is a journey that you will need to inspire people to join you on. In this lecture, you will learn the importance of well articulated Vision and Mission for a business as well as functions of management.

11. Manage Finances like an Entrepreneur 

Money is the bloodline of an enterprise. Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, an organisation will need money to operate. This lecture will expose you to the fundamental financial knowledge necessary for running your business including reading the essential financial documents.





The course is free for all online learners.


All students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.


Professor Dr Mushtak Al-Atabi

Prof Al-Atabi is a Mechanical Engineer by training and currently is the Provost and CEO of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. He earned his PhD from the University of Sheffield in the UK and he is a Chartered Engineer and is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK. Prof Al-Atabi is a frequent speaker at international conferences and he delivered training and consultancy to corporates ranging from banks to energy companies. Prof Al-Atabi developed and deployed the first MOOC in Malaysia, Entrepreneurship followed by the second MOOC, Success. His MOOCs witnessed the enrolment of more than three thousand students from 115 different countries. He is also the author of Think Like an Engineer and Shoot the Boss. 


Guest Speakers

Adam Brimo

Adam Brimo, Co-founder & CEO, openlearning.com

Adam Brimo holds Bachelor of Engineering (Software) and a Bachelor Arts (Politics) degrees from UNSW (University of New South Wales) and is the 2011 Choice Magazine Consumer Activist of the Year for starting Vodafail.com. Adam is a recipient of the 2011 UNSW Alumni Graduand Award and has previously worked at Macquarie Bank and at Westpac Institutional Bank.

In 2012, Adam joined world renowned UNSW A. Prof Richard Buckland to found openlearning.com, a student centred online learning platform. Over 30,000 students have joined courses, including the first massive open online courses from Australia and Malaysia.

Freda Liu

Freda Liu, Producer, BFM Malaysia

Freda Liu is a Certified Professional Coach from Corporate Coach Academy, accredited with International Coach Federation, the world’s most recognized coaching body. She is also a producer and presenter on BFM 89.9 (www.bfm.my), the only independent business radio station in Malaysia. As a trainer and coach, Freda enjoys seeing individuals acknowledge and eliminate their self-limiting beliefs. Only then, can their communication strengths be magnified. She will train, coax and coach people to elevate their communication skills for public speaking, media interviews or whether just to improve communication within their organization.


Datin Dr. Syahira Hamidon, Head Entrepreneurship Unit, Higher Education Sector, Ministry of Education Malaysia

Dr Syahira represents the country at international conferences on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is a frequent speaker and judge in many national events on entrepreneurship. She has co- authored books on entrepreneurship and lead teams to design new programs on Entrepreneurship Education. Her opinion has been sought by other Ministries and Agencies in Entrepreneurship Development because of her thesis and her key role in MOE. She writes Ministerial speeches on Entrepreneurship. Dr Syahira holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand, which has been cited by academics internationally, she holds an MBA (International Business) First Class from Universiti Putra Malaysia and a B. Commerce from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She is currently on several Boards, Councils and Committees in the higher education sector or related agencies because of her expertise and experiences.

Her previous positions were in Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), handling trade support, quotas, liberalization of tariffs and government-industry relations; followed by the Public Service Department dealing with “Look East Policy” as well as planning and training. She believes she can do more with the right resources and empowerment in a broader field of Nation Building and international networking for a better world.



Jack Sim, Founder, World Toilet Organisation

Jack Sim, Founder of World Toilet Organization (WTO), has been a successful businessman since age 24. Having achieved financial success in his 40s, Jack felt the need to change his direction in life and give back to humanity – he wanted to live his life according to the motto “Live a useful life”. Jack soon left his business and embarked on a journey that saw him being the voice for those who cannot speak out and fighting for the dignity, rights and health for the vulnerable and poor worldwide.

In 2007, Jack became one of the key members to convene the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) comprised of over 130 organisations active in the sanitation sector. Jack is also an Ashoka Global Fellow and in 2008 was named Hero of the Environment by Time Magazine. Jack also sits in the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils (GAC) for Water Security and also the GAC for Social Entrepreneurship. He graduated with a Masters in Public Administration from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in 2013. He was shortlisted for the Sarphati Sanitation Award in November 2013.


Naguib Mohd Nor, Chief Operating Officer, Strand Aerospace Malaysia

Started his career as a Structures Engineer at STRAND UK, and has done wide-ranging technical work for major aerospace clients. Prior to returning to Malaysia to co-found STRAND Aerospace Malaysia, he was the General Manager for STRAND UK. In 2010 STRAND Aerospace Malaysia was selected to spearhead the development of the “Pure Play Engineering Services” industry for Malaysia as part of the government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

Here Naguib worked with the government and industry representatives to develop a detailed roadmap to position Malaysia as a hub for “high value engineering services”. In fulfilling this responsibility Naguib sits on the Steering Committee of the ETP and reports directly to the Minister in charge. STRAND Aerospace Malaysia is also a member of the Malaysian Defence Industry Council (MDIC). STRAND Aerospace Malaysia has been continuously involved in developing human capital development programs for engineers with the Ministry of Higher Education. Naguib is on the Board of Advisors for several Engineering Faculties of Malaysian Universities. Naguib holds a BEng. Aerospace Engineering from UMIST, a MSC. Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield.


Jamie Lee, Founder, Kids at Switch

Founder of Kids at Switch, Jamie Lee, is changing the way kindergartens, schools, childcare centres, sporting groups and parents entertain and educate children. Boasting a hybrid entrepreneurial skill-set: strong academic accomplishments, business acumen and impressive leadership skills, Jamie is an entrepreneurial figure and thought-leader in the education sector who has pioneered a new model for education and social innovation for children to discover and enrich their own personal tool kit.

After completing an Education Degree at Macquarie University, Jamie went onto complete a certificate in Financial Accounting Principal at Harvard’s Extension School. A stanch supporter of innovation and education, Jamie’s mission was to foster financial literacy and translate instinctual passion and sense of play into a sense of unshakeable purpose. Restless and ready to push boundaries, Kids at Switch was eventually sparked. With a life filled with the children, giggles, education and innovation – Jamie teaches us the art of ‘loving to learn.’

ChingYee Fu

ChingYee Fu, CEO, Tricor Senedi

In 2013, Ching Yee was selected to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) for Women in Technology, the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program. She was also awarded the Malaysian Women Weekly's 2013 Great Women of Our Time Award in the Science & Technology category.

Ching Yee co-founded Senedi Sdn. Bhd. in 2008, a software development company based in Kuala Lumpur. Senedi developed web portals for clients ranging from a multi-operator bus ticketing system to enterprise collaborative portals and various online platforms for startups. 4 years and 10 employees later, the company was acquired by Tricor Malaysia and renamed Tricor Senedi Sdn. Bhd. She continues to serve as the CEO of Tricor Senedi today.


Sam Shafie, Founder, WatchTower & Friends Sdn. Bhd.

Before taking a plunge into entrepreneurship, Sam served in as in the Attorney General Chambers and in the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commissions for 15 years. Sam began his entrepreneurial endeavors by opening up a small consulting firm that specializes on Intellectual Property and Copyright; at the same time, he co-founded Intersecu-Tech Co Sdn Bhd, an information and network security company. In 2010, Sam set up Watchtower & Friends, an accelerator of web and mobile apps, which has borne PitchIN and Surf. In March 2013, Sam ventured into a brick and mortar company, co-founding Blok Space, a recreational center for kids, using the power of LEGO to nurture creativity among kids.



John-son Oei, CEO, EPIC Homes

John-Son Oei is Founder and CEO of EPIC Collaborative, a multiple award winning social enterprise that designs and creates Collaborative platforms that enables ordinary citizens to positively impact communities in a fun and easy way.

A graduate of Mass Communication & Media Management, John-Son has made a commitment to revolutionise the way we think about tackling social challenges, where he believes “mass numbers of people engaging in tiny purposeful actions” is key to sustainable social change. Not willing to conform to the status quo he strives to go beyond the ordinary to play his part and help make the world a better place. This passion has led him to being selected as Regional Dean and Trustee of The Awesome Foundation, Malaysia’s official flag bearer for the 2012 Commonwealth day in the presence of the Queen Elizabeth in conjunction with the Queens Diamond Jubilee, recipient of the KLue Blue Chilli Award 2010, and Tatler’s Nokia E7 success circle in 2011.


Kal Joffres

Kal Joffres, Director, Tandem Fund

Kal is currently Director at the Tandem Fund, a venture fund that invests in social enterprises in the health, housing, and food sectors. Kal also sits as Director at Tandemic, Tandem Fund's consulting arm specialised in building communities and social movements for brands and nonprofits.

Previously, Kal was a Partner in the Kuala Lumpur office of Tandem, a strategy consulting firm serving organizations with high social impact, including healthcare, nonprofit, and UN agencies. Prior to joining Tandem, Kal was a Partner at Wiredpalm, a consultancy specialized in innovation strategy. He served clients in the healthcare technology and services sectors. Kal was educated at McGill University in global strategy (business) and philosophy. He has held a number of administrative appointments at McGill, including on the Board of Governors and the university Senate.


About Taylor's University

Taylor's University is a member of the Taylor's Education Group, which also comprises Taylor's College, Garden International School, Australian International School Malaysia, Sri Garden International School, Nexus International School, Putrajaya and Nexus International School Singapore. Since its inception in 1969, Taylor's has become one of Malaysia's most successful and reputable private higher education institutions. 

Taylor's has continuously provided excellent services for its students in terms of diverse study options, relevant curriculum and teaching methods, ongoing partnerships with leading universities worldwide, strong industry linkages, up-to-date facilities and well-equipped campuses. 

Taylor's was also voted as the Most Popular Private College and/or University in Malaysia for a consecutive two years in 2008 and 2009, out of more than 100 other institutions. These results were based on the Malaysian Student Survey which surveyed close to 9,000 respondents aged 16 to 19. 

In July 2010 Taylor's University was rated as 'Tier 5: Excellent' by the Ministry of Higher Education in the 2009 Malaysian Qualifications Agency Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (SETARA '09), which measures quality of teaching and learning at the undergraduate level in universities and university colleges in Malaysia. In 2012, the quality of teaching and learning at Taylor's University was once again acknowledged when it garnered a 'Tier 5: Excellent' rating in the Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education (SETARA '11), by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia for the second time.  

Read more at: http://www.taylors.edu.my/en/university/about_taylors/our_story

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