Selenium WebDriver is free, open source cross browser automation tool. As per job trend survey, number of job posting on selenium skill is increasing regularly. Since, its inception in 2007, industry demand & usage for this tool has grown up exponentially. With time, Selenium has moved from nice to have skill to you must know.

This training course teaches students about practical usage of Selenium WebDriver. Sample code have been written on real world application. Each lecture consists of different section like discussion on theoretical concepts, sample working code, video lecture, Exercise at the end of lecture to assess your understanding.

Throughout the course we focus, demonstrate and try to develop self-learning attitude in students, so that they could create, maintain & debug script on their own. Our objective is that at the end of training module, Student should able to work on the live project independently using Selenium WebDriver.

It gives a firm grounding in test automation using Selenium & could be next leap for your professional development.

In this training course, freeware& open source tool (Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG, Apache Log4J, Apache POI, and Apache ANT) have been used.

An easy & quick way to learn Selenium is by learning from someone who has good knowledge of this tool.

During this training course or upon the completion of training course, if you want additional explanation or you have any query or you are having issue in understanding the concept or getting an error in running Selenium Sample code. Please ask in the comments or reach out to instructor (contact detail shared in Introductory lecture), we will try our best to answer.

Thanks for reading this far.

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More Information

At the end of my course, students will be able to...

    --> By the end of this course you will have a good understanding & practical working knowledge of the WebDriver API

    --> You will know how to inspect Element on Web Page

    --> You will know to find object property to uniquely identify them

    --> You will know how to create custom XPath & CSS

    --> You will know how to create synchronization point to have uninterrupted script execution

    --> You will know how to create customize HTML report

    --> You will know how to take screenshot of error object

    --> You will know how to install TestNG

    --> You will know how to do assertion using TestNG

    --> You will know to how to pass parameter using TestNG

    --> You will know to how to read data from Microsoft Excel file using Apache POI

    --> You will know how to generate execution log using Apache Log4J

    --> You will know how to run script on multiple browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)

    --> You will know how to do parallel execution on different browser

    --> You will know how to write WebDriver code using Java programming language

    --> You will know how to create a test automation framework

Who should take this course

    --> Test Automation Engineer who is working on other automation tools

    --> Manual Tester who want to learn Selenium & start career in test automation    --> 

    --> Fresh Engineer, Housewife , Normal Graduate who want to make career in test automation

    --> Fresher’s can benefit a lot from this course as software test automation with most widely used tool like Selenium is not covered in detail in   

          the curriculum at institutes and colleges.

    --> By doing this course fresher’s can win over the recruiters and better their chances in getting the job

    --> Housewife , Normal Graduate who want to make career in test automation   

    --> For experienced testers who never had formal training on Selenium or want to refresh and update their knowledge, this course provides      

          the opportunity to accomplish that and better their chances of career growth.

    --> By acquiring this skill you, as freelancer, can make money by picking up testing assignments online. Fresher’s can start to make money

          while they are studying. Experienced people can make extra money through these assignments

Selenium WebDriver Training

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Price: $15