We are excited to announce that as of April 21, 2016, we have released OpenLearning Version 2.0. This means a new schedule editor (for course creators) and course layout (for students). The help topics on this page will be updated over the next few weeks to cover the new features. In the meantime, you can find information to help navigate your way through the new interface under the ‘Teachers’ section of this page. Alternatively, to start experiencing OpenLearning 2.0, simply create a new course!




Account Settings

How to reset your password

How to de-activate or re-activate your account

How to change your enrolment information

How to update your profile page

How to update your email address

How to update your display name

The difference between your username and your display name




Who can see your profile

Viewing notifications

Subscribing to pages

Leaving a course

Closing your account





Who can join a course at OpenLearning?

How to join a course at OpenLearning

Are OpenLearning courses for free?

Do OpenLearning courses give certificates?

How many courses can you enrol in at a time?

What is a self-paced course?

Are courses available in different languages?

How to format your comments

How to tag people in a comment

How to create a study group within a course

How to leave a course

How to change your enrolment information





OpenLearning Version 2.0 

What is new about OpenLearning Version 2.0?

What is the difference between module sets, modules, and pages?

How do I set up module sets in my course?

How do I add content on a new style page?

The different activity widgets and how to use them

Quick guide on how to edit a page for new teachers


Creating and Managing a Course

Where to create your course

Types of courses (public and private)

How do I set up a paid course?

How to manage course navigation

How to manage course staff

What is a cohort?

Specify learning outcomes

Change the appearance and design of your course

Create badges for your course

How to set up groups and group submissions

Marking student submissions

How to issue a certificate for your course

Reporting inappropriate comments and spoilers




Specify learning outcomes

Link course activities to learning outcomes

Manage staff roles

Create assessment reports

Assess students



What are Kudos?

OpenLearning API





Video Tutorials


Quick Overview of Setting up a Course

How to create a user account

How to create a course, and learn the difference between an admin, teacher and student view

The role of course admins and teachers


Learning the Lefthand Navigation Tabs 

An overview of the Course Feed

How to use the gallery tab

How to use the peer content tab

How to use the group tab 

How to update the lefthand navigation 


Setting Up Your Course

How to update course appearance

How to update your course promotion page

How to plan course outcome and design final activity

How to set up modules

How to create effective activities

How to design your course homepage

How to set up a class 


Turning Your Course Online

How to turn your course online

How to build and facilitate community



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